test12345 About Shifaa

Rayah Iqbal

Student/Social Entrepreneur

About Shifaa

Shifaa is an initiative to address the growing inequality the people of Pakistan face when they need reliable access to medical advice. Pakistan has a population of more than 200 million people, majority of whom are living without medical care.

With Shifaa, my mission was to make a difference in peoples lives. Shifaa means "to cure". There are a lot of people living without basic health knowledge and an equal number of doctors ready and willing to help for free. My idea was to create a platform to connect the two sides based on mutual trust. Our system lets patients ask questions to doctors, and better understand their health, make informed health decisions and feel secure in knowing that they have access to doctors who are willing to help them. It also allows doctors who want to help, to register and volunteer their time and services. In our culture, giving back to the society is an essential objective of life, and our system makes it more efficient and easier to give back.

Our Approach

Shifaa transforms how people approach their health —people can get answers from doctors and volunteer doctors can get involved by giving whatever time they feel they have.

Shifaa's Support

Using our platform, you can send your medical questions or queries to a doctor and upload reports or pictures, if any. Our system will match you with a doctor, who will review your issue and respond. You will get a reply as soon as possible, with as much information as possible.

My Research

I started Shifaa with the realization that it is challenging for many people to get simple healthcare. My vision is to ensure every person has access to healthcare, without any conditions attached. This is my goal and I hope it will be fully realized across Pakistan and some day across the globe.